Yih Dah Precision Tool Works Co., Ltd., established in 1975, is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of professional and industrial spray guns in Taiwan. With thirty years of experience in this field, Yih Dah Precision Tool Works Co., Ltd. provides the best quality products for its customers.

The main focus of Yih Dah Precision Tool Works Co. Ltd. is to provide the best quality products with competitive prices to their customers. In order to achieve high quality goods, Yih Dah Precision Tool Works Co., Ltd. produces all of its merchandise with advanced CNC machines. This insures that every spray gun delivers the same precision output for optimum fluid transfer. Furthermore, every spray gun is pre-tested at the factory before the shipment. Our R&D team continuously develops innovative technology to attain even higher transfer efficiency and excellent atomization spray guns. Yih Dah Precision Tool Works Co., Ltd has also achieved CE declaration since 1998.

Our products include: spray gun, H.V.L.P. spray gun, L.V.L.P. spray gun, turbine spray gun, refillable aerosol spray gun, air screw-driver and other accessories. These products are currently enjoying a great reputation worldwide due to their creative designs and superior reliability. Yih Dah Precision Tool Works Co., Ltd. is dedicated in developing a long-term business relationship supplying these excellent products and services. OEM and ODM are also welcomed.